Revolutionising Environmental

The effects of humanity’s environmental negligence, which extends back centuries, are becoming overwhelming. No matter where we go, we’re surrounded by the devastating consequences of pollution and waste. Now we’re saying, “enough is enough”.

With leading environmental technology, InRim is actively taking a stand against manmade waste and pollution. Using best-in-class waste-to-energy processes, we’re on a mission to remove landfill, while producing recycled energy that will serve future generations and have immediate benefits as well. InRim’s plants use Continuous Pyrolysis Technology to convert everyday rubbish (municipal solid waste) into biochar, diesel, and/or electricity.

Currently active in six countries, with invitations to many more, we plan to make a significant impact on the world’s generation of Greenhouse Gases and pollution of waterways by landfill operations.




So, What’s It All About?

It’s about an environmentally-minded society where the environment and the economy not only benefit from waste-to-energy plants, but thrive.

Continuous Pyrolysis Technology can greatly assist governments and communities by solving the multiple challenges that come with a growing population. As cities grow, rubbish increases, as does the need for stable, renewable electricity.

The rapid accumulation of waste begins to impact water, food, natural ecosystems, and our own concrete jungles. It’s no longer sustainable — or best practice — to create landfill. Our solution? We take everyday rubbish, and turn it into fuel, biochar, and electric power, to make a real and tangible difference.

The InRim Pyrolysis Plant


reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions.
toxic substances or Greenhouse gases from exhaust.
environmental standards requirements in the toughest regulatory environments.


Continuous running
24 hours a day, seven days a week.
to produce energy.
modular capacity for waste treatment.
bio-oil extraction, used for electricity generation or further refined to EN590 diesel.